Traveling Among The Haunted

by Devil at the CrossRoads and the Chain Gang

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Very hypnotic to blues jams and solos. Arrangements that can dive rite into sounds as if your in a haunted asylum. Very Psychedelic at times, with small hints of classical. Small hints of middle eastern music in some sections. There were no rules, except improvise as much as possible, Lyrics included. Some live recorded parts mesh rite into recorded sections , some parts are programmed (mostly drum/percussion) Some parts are looped using pedals. Most parts/instrument were played in a improvisational/live fashion. Entire recoding was done with Sony acid(when needing to build rhythmic sections) and a Boss br900. Some sections a live amp was used, while other parts were recorded directly in the br900 using the cosm guitar amp models. Live parts was done using a sure mic,just one, a sm48w-lc. Same mic used for vocals. One begging of a song on this cd was even pulled from a cell phone recording. The guys I play with are an improv band/players....sometimes we cant recreate what we do so I used what we had. We never play the same.Pretty crazy this entire recording process was done with a $35 copy of Sony acid,about $80 worth of loops purchased. A used Boss br900 $200 and a $45 sure mic. That`s it. Album was created for use in movies, as I have a family member in the horror movie industry, Jason Koch


released March 13, 2014

Devil at the CrossRoads is Mark Koch-guitar, vocals, abstract drum sections. Programmer, producer, artist, tattoo artist(my full time Job) The Chain Gang is - Chuck Kleinsmith- drums, on songs recorded live, Piano(live) -To Many Beginnings William V Stankiewicz-Bass on live recordings and "the cliff" Scott Kelch-Horn solo at the ending of " Traveling Among The Haunted"



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Devil at the Crossroads and the Chain Gang Baltimore, Maryland

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Track Name: Devil at the Cross Roads and the Chain Gang - Traveling Among The Haunted
Track Name: Too Many Beginnings (Live)-To start over
Improvised-Mark Koch
Track Name: Devil at the CrossRoads a the Chain Gang - 2 Bullets
A story about a wife cheating on her man and a western style duel is set up......the ending isn't what you would think -Mark Koch
Track Name: Devil at the Cross Roads - Dark and Hollow
Track Name: The Cliff
About the haunted Hell House, Creepy College-(St. Mary`s College). Ellicott City Maryland
Track Name: Devil at the CrossRoads - Hummingbird
Track Name: Devil at the CrossRoads - Funk J
Track Name: Devil at the CrossRoads - Burning a Witch
About a Witch being betrayed by a fellow witch who burns her at the stake
Track Name: Meanderskull